The Truth About Bra Measuring

Have you seen our latest bra fitting guide?

We recommend that the best way to find the right sized bra for you is to start with your best fitting bra,  look for any tell-tale signs that the fit is not quite right and then adjust the size as necessary until you get a snug and super-supportive fit.

For example, if the back band is riding up towards your shoulder blades, your back band is too big and you need to go down a size or two. And for every back band size that you go down, you will need to go up the same amount of cup sizes. You may need to try a few sizes on until you get it just right – but trust us, it will be well worth it!

A sizing myth dispelled
You may be familiar with the bra sizing chart that looks like this, and the advice to find your physical back measurement in inches, and then find your corresponding bra back band size on a char that looks like this:
Bra Measuring Chart
Some people believe this to be now outdated, but although we would definitely recommend the trial and error method as explained in the video above, this measuring method could still be used if you really don’t know where to start with finding your bra size and think that your best-fitting bra still isn’t even close! However, there is no substitute for trying on lots of bras and seeing how they look and feel.

But why do I need to refer to the chart?
What confuses a lot of people, is that if you measure your back to be 34 inches, why isn’t your back band size 34?

The truth is that the number on your bra size does not represent inches – it is merely a number used for bra sizing. Confusing I know but hey, we didn’t make the rules! So if you are a 34E this does not mean your back is 34 inches in circumference. And if you measure yourself in inches you may find that if you wear that number back size is much too small.

We must emphasise though that everybody is different, so this method may not work for you, particularly if you have a small back size. So get trying on those bras until you find that perfect fit.

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£10 off Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless

We’ve raved about the virtues of the amazing Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless before on this blog. With a unique hand-shaped internal structure you will feel so secure and well-supported you may find it’s the best strapless bra you’v ever owned!

Well if you’re still not quite convinced, how about a fabulous discount? ;)

Until 2nd June 2011 we’re giving you a whopping £10 of any Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless!

So the classic style is now only £23:

And the gorgeous lacy version is now only £25:

Now that’s what I call a bra-gain! Shop both bras >

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Fun and Flirty Plus Size Fancy Dress

Whether you are off on an outrageous hen night or just want to play out your fantasies in the bedroom, fancy dress can help make your dreams reality!

Simply Yours has a fun selection of outfits to tickle your fancy, with most outfits available up to size 26 and many up to size 32.

If you’ve ever wanted to take the law into your own hands, this cute cop outfit could be just the thing. It comes complete with hat, handcuffs and truncheon!

If you’re feeling cheeky then maybe this naughty nurse’s outfit will appeal:

Or if you’re a big True Blood or Twilight fan, embrace your darker side with a vampire fancy dress outfit!

Just add imagination! And remember, anything you order from Simply Yours will arrive in plain packaging with no hint whatsoever of the naughtiness that may be inside :)

Take a look at our full collection of plus size fancy dress outfits>

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Lingerie for a Wedding Day that’s Simply Yours

Every girl wants her big day to be perfect, down to the tiniest little detail. And while there’s always so much focus on the dress, your wedding underwear is just as important if you want to look your best.

If you’re wearing a strapless wedding dress then a good strapless bra is essential.

The Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless is available in ivory lace with matching lace thong:

If you have a fuller bust though, this ivory strapless bra is a great choice, available up to H cup,  and 48 back.

If you’ve a wedding dress with sleeves then you can wear a more traditional bra, like this O Lingerie bridal lingerie set:

If you have a vintage gown then why not go for a retro look with a cute longline bra:

View all bridal underwear>

Depending on the style of your dress you may wish to wear some shapewear on your wedding day.

This bodyshaper is available in standard and longer body length and can also be worn without the straps.

If you really want to go for it, you could wear something to really cinch you in, like this Esbelt slimming corset:

or this amazing bodyshaper by Ava Loves:

View all bridal shapewear>

If you’re looking forward to your big day we hope you have a truly wonderful time!

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Beside the Seaside with Miss Mandalay!

Did you see the fabulously nautical Miss Mandalay striped bikini in the May edition of Vogue?

We’re big fans of the nautical look at Simply Yours.

Here’s a selection of our supportive sailor girl swimwear to get you in the mood for your jolly holidays!

You can almost feel the salt on your skin!

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Triumph Shape Sensation shapewear!

No doubt you’ve heard of Triumph, creators of Doreen, the world’s best selling branded bra. At Simply Yours we’re big fans of their more modern lingerie styles too. And now they’ve turned their attentions to controlwear and created Shape Sensation, a contemporary shapewear collection made from deluxe shaping fabrics designed to sculpt and shape those curves for beautifully clean lines.

We called up the fabulous Laura Catterall to showcase exactly what the collection can do!

Fab huh?

Shop all Shape Sensation shapewear at Simply Yours

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Supportive swimwear 24/7, 365 days a year!

Whether you’re dreaming of a sunny escape or just keeping up with your keep-fit plans, shopping for a swimsuit on the high street can be such a struggle. Especially as they seem to get rid of them altogether once summer is over!

It’s so important not to settle for less when it comes to swimwear, because if you don’t feel good in your swimsuit you’ll never feel completely relaxed. Find your perfect style though and you’ll find yourself filled with confidence!

Luckily Simply Yours has a fab swimwear range available all year round, from bikinis and tankinis to one-piece suits and swimdresses.

With sizes 10-32 and a big cup size choice (selected styles up to K cup) you’ll find the size and style to suit you.

If you find choosing the right style tricky, take a look at our new swimwear videos!

Will it be a one-piece wonder?

A trendy tankini?

Or a beautiful bikini?

Watch all the tips videos at Simply Yours

Shop all Simply Yours swimwear

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Stunning Lookbook shots starring Laura Catterall

This will be a short post in terms of words - because we want to let the images do all the talking!

Just take a look at our latest lookbook shots with Laura Catterall. Fab-u-lous!

Laura wears: O Lingerie print balcony bra and matching French knickers

Fauve satin bra and briefs

Laura wears: Fauve underwired satin balcony bra and matching full briefs in ‘Opal’

Gossard oriental floral plunge bra and shorts

Laura wears: Gossard oriental floral satin plunge bra and matching shorts

Gossard longline strapless ivory bra and shorts

Laura wears: Gossard longline ivory bra with detachable straps and matching shorts

Curvy Kate balcony bra in black and pink

Laura wears: Curvy Kate balcony bra in black and pink with matching shorts

P.S. Don’t forget, if you’re a fan of Curvy Kate you’ve got 6 days left to enter their Star in a Bra competition sponsored by Simply Yours.

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Simply Yours sponsors Star in a Bra 2011

Do you take a D+ bra size? Have you got the curves and confidence to represent voluptuous women everywhere? And do you love gorgeous lingerie? If the answer is YES to all of the above then you need to get your entry into the 2011 Star in a Bra competition!

Simply Yours are sponsoring Curvy Kate’s search to be the new face – and body – of the brand. No modelling experience is necessary,  just fabulous curves and a bubbly disposition! Everything you need to know is on the Star in a Bra website.

If you’re not familiar with Curvy Kate you really should be! They’re one of our fave brands here at Simply Yours.

This peach balconette bra with plum coloured trim as modelled for us by Laura Catterall is simply stunning:

If you’re looking for something a little more everyday, but still drop dead gorgeous, how about this pretty pink polka dot set as modelled for Simply Yours by Erika Elfwencrona?

And the best thing about Curvy Kate bras? It’s got to be their fabulous size range – they go up to a K cup – even in a 28 back size.

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The new Simply Yours collection goes live!

It’s finally here, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for – our SS11 collection and website launch! Everything has been shot in a super-cute retro-pinup style and we love it – hope you do too!

There’s so much that’s new and gorgeous that it’s hard to know where to start.  We’ve got new brands, including Britnix, plus stunning new additions from all your favourites, including Panache, Triumph, Gossard and Curvy Kate.

Here are some of our favourites from the new range:

What’s your favourite set?

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